Posted by Ryan M. Martin on November 11, 2007 
Awesome J-M! I'd say it qualifies for one of the most difficult pan shots ever pulled off. I'm just impressed you shot it at ISO100 and with such a slow F/20.0 shutter speed!
Posted by Jean-Marc Frybourg on November 11, 2007 
Thanks for your comment. The secret is: a tripod, and a lot of shots to get at least a good one.
Posted by Wim Ameele on November 13, 2007 
Impressive, you have my PCA vote!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on September 8, 2008 
Wholly cows, Jean-Marc! How'd I miss this one! How, apparently, did everyone miss this one - must have been going too fast. Exciting and most difficult pan, well done.
Posted by Dash' on July 8, 2010 
Holly cows Jean-Marc, i had saw this one on the first page of " Trains " magazine of August 2010 ! Congratulation for your fantastic work JM.
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