Posted by on December 24, 2009 
Good Lord! Don't look down! What a stunning photograph.
Posted by michael carlisle on December 24, 2009 
That train is living on the edge.
Posted by Travis Dewitz on December 24, 2009 
Posted by Ray Peacock on December 24, 2009 
Posted by Brandon Smith on December 24, 2009 
What a great perspective of railroading on another continent. Nice work, Jean-Marc.
Posted by Ken Huard on December 24, 2009 
Wow number 3!
Posted by Steven M. Welch on December 24, 2009 
I'm at a loss of words to describe this. Wow. Love it, Jean.
Posted by mishu88 on December 25, 2009 
I think that Santa is traveling with that trains for giving presents to the workers for the factory...
Posted by andy parr on December 25, 2009 
Wow, speachless
Posted by gazza on December 25, 2009 
How much I have enjoyed this series of photos. The locos that I used to drive so far away here in Western Australia. This photo is my favourite. I want to buy a copy! Thank You so much for posting. One can hardly imagine the dificulty in getting these shots. Merry Christmass Mr Frybourg and Mr Fisher. And thankyou RailPictures.Net
Posted by David Honan on December 26, 2009 
We're running out of superlatives to describe the images you've captured on this trip, Jean-Marc!
Posted by Alan Shulak on December 26, 2009 
That's amazing. One of the most spectacular photos I've ever seen.
Posted by Scott Lothes on December 29, 2009 
Stunning terrain, and a wonderful use of backlighting and light/shadow interplay to portray it. Fantastic photo!
Posted by Stu Levene on December 29, 2009 
Well done on a richly-deserved PotW, Jean-Marc - a great series of photos from an area rarely visited by railfans. It must be even more satisfying when you have to put in the effort to get to the locations. Even I'm looking forward to your next trip!!
Posted by Gemmi Cong on December 30, 2009 
How dangerous!
Posted by Derek Stewart on December 30, 2009 
The thumbnail almost gave the illusion that there was a train rolling down the side of the cliff.
Posted by on December 31, 2009 
This is a fine tribute to the duribility of a rail line. The statement, photo of the week, is too mild. Photo of the month or more I would say. Jean-Marc ,this one blew my socks off.
Posted by sp3600 on February 4, 2010 
Amazing image!
Posted by argo on March 29, 2010 
really really amazing, and epic picture...............
Posted by Charlie O on September 12, 2010 
While most of the photos in this series are favorites for me, this is one of my all-time Favorite Photos! The lighting, the colors, the terrain. No place for a derailment, for sure! The train crews (and the photographer) must have iron stomachs. Much of the terrain pictured in this series make Otto Mears' Rio Grande Southern, David Moffat's Moffat Road and General Palmer's Rio Grande seem like railroads in the sand dunes at Crawford Hill! And the photographer is one of the all-time greats in my book. Keep them coming, man!
Posted by Huiala Andrei Edward on September 19, 2010 
Amazing photo...What a magnific view...
Posted by Nathan Harlin on November 10, 2010 
Wow. That is thrilling.
Posted by Carl Blesch on November 24, 2014 
This photo was the wallpaper on Bing's home page this morning! I recognized it right away. It had several captions as you moused over the image: "And you thought your commute was rough," "This is where NASA goes when they need a Mars landscape simulation," "Tenuous hillside tracks and all's a scenic ride," and "It'd be one thing if the locomotive were transporting teddy bears and pillows. This cargo's not so friendly."
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