Posted by on September 19, 2013 
A good lookingvcar. A very nice commemerative.
Posted by Greg MacLeod on September 19, 2013 
What do you do when you have the classiest looking locomotive fleet around? Work on the freight cars I guess. Well done NS.
Posted by Jake McGarvie on September 19, 2013 
NS really knows how to hit a home run with paint jobs. First heritage locomotives and now a hopper car. How about a caboose and boxcar next. Then tie a heritage locomotive onto the heritage painted rolling stock. Just a thought.
Posted by Ricky J on September 19, 2013 
Beautiful looking paint job, But how's a yellow coal hopper going to look in about a year from now.
Posted by Wayne Hudak on September 22, 2013 
@Ricky J (among others) Repaint freight cars in heritage schemes for revenue service? I don't think so. How long will it be for some thug "artist" taggers to mess that car up? CSX just restored a wide vision caboose they use for local switching service (NW Indiana) in a B&OCT dark blue scheme, its sharp!
Posted by Ricky J on September 22, 2013 
I have a feeling that car will be used in revenue service or else why paint it in the first place let it set in one place.
Posted by Kibu on September 27, 2015 
Before you call graffiti artists "thugs" keep in mind that Banksy's pieces have sold for in excess of a million dollars, and they're still graffiti. The piece in park city utah, painted on a simple concrete wall is so well regarded that the city has gone to great lengths to protect it, going so far as to place a bulletproof glass wall over it so others don't vandalize it.
Posted by Ricky J on October 8, 2016 
Hate to say I told you so, but I just saw a photo of this car taken just last week sporting a full load of coal.
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