Posted by Dave Mamulski on September 23, 2013 
Is that truck V8 powered, if so what make of engine?
Posted by Daniel SIMON on September 24, 2013 
Dave, In 1954, the first batch of SR-101 trucks came out of the Roman manufacturing plant. The SR-101 was in fact a clone of the ZIS-150 Soviet truck and it came with the same specifications. In 1958 the company decided to produce a new type, as the SR-101 no longer complied with international vehicle standards. The new design used a Ford Y-block pattern V8 gasoline engine of 140 HP, and its cab has been designed at the Chausson Plant in France. The first V8 SR-131 truck of 3-ton load named Carpati was produced in the summer of 1960, and from 1962 the SR-132 model of 2.5 tons load and 4x4 transmission. In 1964 Roman started the production of the series named Bucegi, SR-113 a truck of 5-ton load and SR-114 of 4-ton load and 44 transmission. Generally, these trucks included all the western technology elements of the time. The range had been completed in five years by the following versions: military vehicle, long vehicle, tip-lorry, crane, forward cab. Torpedo, Perkins, Saviem and Mercedes diesel engines were used for export products. In 1967, as Carpati and Bucegi types became old fashioned a tender was launched for a new type featuring the following specifications: load capacity of 12-18 tons, diesel engine, a forward cab, observance of CEE-ONU standards. (Source Wikipedia)
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Very likely a Ford Y-block...
Posted by Michael on September 24, 2013 
Most likely a Ford Y-block...
Posted by Sport! on September 24, 2013 
"Lemont! Get the truck dummy!"
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