Posted by Nathan Richters on November 3, 2015 
An in-service photo of UP 80... My mind is blown! This photo now takes the top spot among my "Favorite Photos (that others have taken)" - and one of my PCA votes. Amazing...
Posted by Bill Marvel on November 3, 2015 
Astonished that someone got an action picture of this beast out on the road. And delighted that Chris is preserving these historic images.
Posted by Red Eddie on November 4, 2015 
Great pic eh, look how shiny and new the trucks are!
Posted by J Moller on November 4, 2015 
Thank you for sharing this rare image. As the experiments continued, various bits of sheathing were removed from the turbine's carbody. It is interesting that the PA1 is not smoking; I always assumed it provided additional horsepower but this photo suggests that the 244 engine has not operated very much - stack would be between the forward roof top air reservoirs.
Posted by Marc on November 4, 2015 
Wow! I have only seen one color photo of this beast and it was from well after it was retired. Thanks for sharing Chris.
Posted by cnw4007 on November 4, 2015 
They had to put screens on the side because it kept blowing up from coal dust getting into places it shouldn't. Easier to replace a screen then sheet metal.
Posted by FSWood on January 19, 2017 
What is in that red car behind the PA?
Posted by cnw4007 on January 20, 2017 
Surprised anyone is standing besides it, as previous mentioned the coal ate thru the blades and the blades went out the sides. I think in the final tests the side were just chain link fencing.
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