Posted by Dave Blaze... on January 6, 2017 
Way to make lemonade out of lemons my friend. Nice shot!
Posted by Gene on January 6, 2017 
Very nice. Never a bad shot when photographing the Alaska Railroad.
Posted by showalterbj on January 6, 2017 
There are few paint schemes that complement an EMD spartan cab/hood as well as this one [imho].
Posted by Steve Larson on January 6, 2017 
Exceptional photo, Frank. Ending the year with a Screener's Choice is a phenomenal way to ring in the new year. Congratulations & keep 'em coming. PCA for me.
Posted by Jim Thias on January 7, 2017 
Too bad you didn't have a wider lens. Still a cool shot though.
Posted by Herb Brown Jr on January 7, 2017 
Great lighting.
Posted by DLHACE on January 20, 2017 
We all appreciate the drive to find just one more. This is a fabulous ARR advertisement type picture! Most Excellent.
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