Posted by FSWood on March 18, 2017 
Ya gotta love that fresh out of the box look. "Drove it straight off the showroom floor, five year, 50,000 mile warranty." Which brings to mind the question of, when this one was new, what kind of warranty would it have come with? And just in to the memory, several years ago I did see on some flavor of UP locomotive which came through our farm burg Under Warranty stenciled on lower cab side.
Posted by James Stewart on March 18, 2017 
Sweet!!! But does it still run?
Posted by bradley on March 18, 2017 
"My locomotive's so bright I gotta wear shades"
Posted by Bob Beaumont on March 18, 2017 
Looks great! Be nice to see this heritage scheme return to an active company unit. What museum is it going to?
Posted by bigdee on March 18, 2017 
CSX would have a more richer and diverse heritage line then even the NS.
Posted by Jeff Sell on March 18, 2017 
Looks just like my Tyco H.O. gauge locomotive from the 1970's. While these colors no longer ride the rails, the Chessie colors still look great! Thanks for sharing this gem.
Posted by D.Carleton on March 19, 2017 
Not a Chessie fan per se but this is nice. Now how about a Seaboard System B36-7?
Posted by atx railfan on March 19, 2017 
beautiful shot. Really makes the loco "pop"
Posted by Steve Larson on March 19, 2017 
The height difference between the Chessie System C&O 8272 and the CSX loco makes me wonder if they are even the same scale? It appears HO 1/87 to S 1/64 scales.
Posted by C&WCKID58 on March 19, 2017 
Oh My Gosh!!! My dad ran the early day container freight trains (They called them pig trains) from Augusta, Ga to Charleston, SC. He was an EMD man until CSX brought these units in for this service. He told me they were so dang fast that it was scary. They did however ride rough, but this did not bother him as he grew up firing steam engines. How awesome would a new unit look painted like this one!! Gotta believe that the guys at Huntington are just going nuts wanting to paint a new unit in this scheme. Thanks for sharing the photo......
Posted by John Dziobko on March 22, 2017 
Too beautiful to behold . If the CSX wanted to improve its current dull loco image they might consider using this beautiful image from the past.
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