Posted by Troy Staten on April 9, 2017 
Beautiful shot. Thanks for showing us.
Posted by Jackson Van Ness on April 10, 2017 
Why will this line be void of passenger trains?
Posted by Joseph Meade on April 10, 2017 
Breathtaking photo, Matt. PCA voted. To answer ones question about the fate of this line perhaps it may be on the endangered list with the current political regime and budget.
Posted by DLHACE on April 10, 2017 
Amtrak has changed to an inland route after Nisqaully, WA. Soon the Amtrak & Some Sounder trains will be traveling the new rail alignment along I-5. Mega dollars spent for them to boast of a 7 minute less trip to Seattle, WA, from Portland, OR. Plus UP wanted less restrictions on the Nelson Bennett Tunnel, Waterfront section of Puget Sound around Tacoma’s Pt Defiance Peninsula. Part of restructuring is the newly built replacement for the Milwaukee Road 'S' curve into 'Freight-house Square'. Soon to be no more scenic trip under the 'Narrows Bridge' along the waterfront!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on April 17, 2017 
Beautiful shot, Matt! Despite the clouds, you still managed some great light, glint and more of Mt Rainer than most tourist get a chance to see. Sorry to hear some (all?) of the passenger routes through here will be phased out in favor of the less congested and slightly faster inland route. Congrats on the PC!
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