Posted by Patrick McColgan on April 19, 2017 
While I'm not too fond of another regional railroad being swallowed up by the G&W monopoly, I have to admit that the P&W Dash 8s look pretty dang sharp in the G&W paint scheme.
Posted by Daven Walters on April 19, 2017 
Kev, when was the cab roof rebuilt. Interesting angles??
Posted by Kevin Burkholder on April 19, 2017 
Daven - they were built that way new from GE for movement through coal loadouts - I believe in New Mexico...
Posted by Matt Wiles on April 19, 2017 
This roof style, though not standard on these engines, was standard on Santa Fe C40-8W's & dash 9"s. Santa Fe ordered their 3rd generation GE's with this roof style so that these engines could fit under older style coal loaders. Perhaps this was done here for some sort of clearance issue on the New England Central.
Posted by K100DS on April 19, 2017 
Daven: the cabs were built that way from the factory. Santa Fe specified the modification for clearance purposes.
Posted by xBNSFer on April 19, 2017 
The cab roof wasn't "rebuilt." The roof is "as delivered" to the Santa Fe, who ordered early GE safety cab units with the so-called "gull wing" cabs with the "interesting angles" you noted, for the purpose of being able to meet clearances for the York Canyon coal line. The special order cab continued on BNSF DASH-9s into the BNSF years, but stopped with the ES44s as far as I can see.
Posted by Nigel Curtis on April 19, 2017 
Looks like an ex ATSF loco with the gull wing cab roof.
Posted by miningcamper on April 19, 2017 
It's probably a former Santa Fe unit, which would account for the non-standard cab roof.
Posted by Kent Held on April 19, 2017 
The cab roof was that way when the unit was delivered to Santa Fe. It's the gull wing style cab that was put on the Santa Fe six axle Dash-8s and Dash-9s. All of the Santa Fe/BNSF B40-8Ws with the green wing cabs were numbered 560-582 and all were sent back to GE several years ago. Nice shot.
Posted by Ed Kapuscinski on April 20, 2017 
That yellow just ruins an otherwise fine paint scheme. Wow.
Posted by John Witthaus on April 20, 2017 
Resistance is futile! You will be assimilated! - G&W
Posted by Daven Walters on April 22, 2017 
Many thanks for the replies everyone. Did the B40-8's ever work coal trains???
Posted by D.Carleton on April 22, 2017 
The first 60 ATSF B40-8Ws, 500-559, came with the standard GE safety cab roofline. Subsequent locomotives of the class were delivered with the "gull wing" roof.
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