Posted by Allan R. Willams Jr. on November 23, 2017 
Dinner and a show! Can't beat that! Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted by John Simpkins-Camp on November 23, 2017 
Next year, your house!!
Posted by showalterbj on November 24, 2017 
Train & truck drivers so often must observe Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc on a different day from the rest of us. My thanks to them for their sacrifice.
Posted by Temuulen.B on November 24, 2017 
Wow, looks nice. Happy Thanksgiving to all of American railfans!
Posted by Paul Clawson on November 24, 2017 
Set me a place next year I'll bring the sweet taters, fine view you have and a nice bird to boot. Happy Thanksgiving.
Posted by MaryAnn Pickering on July 9, 2018 
Love this shot David, what an amazing idea!!!!!! Happy Belated Thanksgiving!
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