Posted by Frank Keller on January 23, 2018 
Oh man what a great shot. I so miss these days and especially the SP
Posted by Paul F. De Luca on January 24, 2018 
Posted by Steve Larson on January 24, 2018 
Perfection in so many ways. These two RRs ruled & scrapped against each other for a very long time. Let us be ever so happy that the SPSF merger never really happened. Can someone say Penn Central? I'm sure a big debate on this could be had. Thanks, John for such an amazing photo. PCA!
Posted by James R Doughty on January 30, 2018 
Congrats John on your POTW award. Always enjoy seeing your photos from this time period.
Posted by Frank Keller on January 30, 2018 
Congratulations on Photo of the Week, well done John
Posted by Miguel on January 30, 2018 
What's interesting, is back in those days trains did track speed or close to it up Cajon to hiland due to the lack of fuel conservation. Granted, trains were smaller in those days but still, with all that old power trains would scream up the hill while today with our modern AC traction we are doing 14 mph. lol The difference between allowing 52 powered axles on the head end vs 36 is a big one. I wish they would change that back.
Posted by Dale Roth on January 31, 2018 
I was there in April 1981 when eight SD40-2 of UP came screaming up the ATSF tracks with a long piggy back. What a sound of those EMDs created bouncing off the Mormon Rocks.
Posted by Ryan S. on January 31, 2018 
What a fantastic photo and a well deserved photo of the week!
Posted by Jason Cary on February 1, 2018 
Great Trifecta!
Posted by huebi on February 1, 2018 
So much classic Tunnel-engins and a little Volkswagen-Beetle, surely without a Fake-Volkswagen-Diesel-Software
Posted by Miguel on April 11, 2018 
Knowing the SP each Engineer probably got paid an additional 100 miles just for waving at each other. That railroad paid like a slot machine. Railfans rejoice about the Santa Fe, but if you wanted the giant house in the Country Club and a new car every 6 months, you worked for the SP.
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