Posted by Kyle Yunker on March 30, 2018 
This is insanely cool! How this didn't at least get a 'Screeners Choice' nod is beyond me.
Posted by Bill Kosanda on March 30, 2018 
That is really a great photo.
Posted by Robert Jordan on March 31, 2018 
Should be SC for me. The location name together with the view really makes it.
Posted by SAR Connecta on March 31, 2018 
Have to agree, really cool photo....the thumbnail does not do it justice. Well done!
Posted by Károly Szélig on April 3, 2018 
I’ve seen this before on Flickr, it totally blew me away then, and it’s the same now. Right place, right time, awesome!
Posted by Preacher on April 3, 2018 
That is an incredibly awesome picture...It looks like the sun is shinning a spotlight on just that spot...Great timing and great picture...
Posted by Ilya Semyonoff on April 4, 2018 
Just Amazing!
Posted by John Shine on April 4, 2018 
Insanely Outstanding picture!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on April 4, 2018 
Right place, right time - or, "the more I shoot, the luckier I get". Congratulations capturing such a unique photo!
Posted by Jorge on April 6, 2018 
Interesting and very special composition!
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on April 9, 2018 
Utterly fantastic!
Posted by Sean Mathews on April 17, 2018 
Uhhhhh...... WOW! Amazing light.
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