Posted by Tom Farence on May 13, 2018 
SP Classic!......Thanks Drew.
Posted by John Simpkins-Camp on May 13, 2018 
Vintage clothing time-capsule. Long train!
Posted by Paul Surguy on May 13, 2018 
Beautiful SP snow sheds in the background how times have changed
Posted by Robert Jordan on May 13, 2018 
Great view, captures the scene well.!! Bob
Posted by Ellis Simon on May 13, 2018 
I can't believe SP allowed passengers to get off there for a photo stop.
Posted by Drew Jacksich on May 15, 2018 
They didn't do an actual run by---just stopped and let us off. As I recall they didn't want to do a reverse shove or there was an issue with the dispatcher.
Posted by Miguel on July 18, 2018 
Issue with the Dispatcher or Conductor didn't feel like getting a "work between"? lol
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