Posted by Ringo Clark - on June 20, 2018 
Excellent lighting on this most Excellent Photo ! The clouds and sky look menacing, and then some
Posted by R_Rogel on June 21, 2018 
If UP wants to offload SD90's, then NS will buy the whole lot anytime soon.
Posted by Hudson Henry on June 21, 2018 
Posted by Michael Derrick on June 26, 2018 
Well deserved POTW. This one caught my eye when it was posted. A great balance between the train and dramatic sky.
Posted by OBrian Harmon on June 26, 2018 
This picture stood out from the rest just by the thumbnail alone.. awesome lashup, mesmerizing sky, and beautiful scenery sky, thanks for posting!
Posted by Kevin Madore on June 26, 2018 
Love that sky! Very deserving PoTW!
Posted by kiwirailfan on June 26, 2018 
I thought UP sold all their SD 90s...apparently not. Do they still have some others?
Posted by Miguel on June 29, 2018 
SD90's were awful. They certainly didn't work on heavy grade, but I'm sure on those mickey mouse "grades" in Wyoming they may be at least mediocre. I don't know why NS would buy those things.
Posted by virogue on July 3, 2018 
What a picture! Incredible!
Posted by Michael Derrick on July 3, 2018 
Miguel, the ex UP SD9043MACs that NS bought received extensive rebuilds, and from crews I have spoken with are very good pullers. The real reason NS bought them was to avoid buying Tier 4 locomotives. Their focus is on rebuilding older Dash 9/SD70/90 era units into modern AC traction locomotives. They have a big program right now rebuilding C40-9Ws into essentially new AC4400s.
Posted by Miguel on July 4, 2018 
Thank you for that info Michael. The SD90's were an interesting experiment and to be fair, heavy grade tends to bring the worst out of most power. In my opinion EMD really hasn't figured it out. GE on the other hand pretty much at this point has it in the bag. Their stuff is the cream of the crop.
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