Posted by Patrick McColgan on June 24, 2018 
It may have been the paint scheme of the railroad's demise, but there's no denying how eye-catchy it was! Kudos to the folks at the IRM for doing an amazing job!
Posted by FSWood on June 25, 2018 
Indeed, the brightness of it is appealing. Wonder what it would look like with Family Lines style black and white striped pilots.
Posted by Kevin Mueller on June 25, 2018 
Posted by miningcamper on June 25, 2018 
White paint is striking, but only for locomotives that are washed regularly!
Posted by xBNSFer on June 25, 2018 
I still remember the TRAINS magazine caption of the photos of the first units rolled out in this paint scheme - "From red ink red to bankrupt blue goes "The Rock."" - And ditto to Miningcamper's comment. The white looked nice when it rolled out the door of the paint shop. After that, it was a hideous mess, especially on a bankrupt railroad with no budget for locomotive washing.
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