Posted by SAR Connecta on June 26, 2018 
Seen many photos over the decades of this scene, but really love your b/w interpretation - well done!
Posted by Don Schuetz on June 26, 2018 
Taken the Rovos train to here from Cape Town.Walked in to Zambia,from Zimbabwe.Great trip and Great Shot.Thanks.
Posted by Jim Thias on June 26, 2018 
Amazing! How is this not a SC???
Posted by John West on July 4, 2018 
Nice recognition for a fine image.
Posted by John Peters on July 4, 2018 
Another great picture Bernd. A Garratt engine on a passenger train on one of the world's most famous bridges. Well done.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on July 12, 2018 
Nobody is on the train because they are all next to you taking a picture. :-) Sensational!
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