Posted by nickrailfan on July 3, 2018 
Gorgeous, Steve! Wish I could have seen it, but they passed Lacey around 3 AM. I'm curious, how long did the exposure take? I know grinders can only do around 15 MPH.
Posted by Marty Bernard on July 3, 2018 
Really nice work Steve.
Posted by Andrew on July 10, 2018 
The lights on the bridge piers puzzle me. As they are for shipping, should it not be one red, and one green., port and starboard? Not two reds as shown
Posted by Ry Alford on July 11, 2018 
Two reds to indicate the bridge is down.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on July 17, 2018 
Excellent shot, Steve! The colors are a feast for the eyes. Love the ambient light and an exceptional job with the exposure. Congrats ona well earned PC!
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