Posted by FSWood on December 29, 2018 
Hmm, wonder if anyone makes model railroad figures which look like these guys; or figures which could be kitbashed in to these guys.
Posted by bradley on December 30, 2018 
FSWood, I would imagine the two gents would be easy, but finding the proper "Urban Cowboy" hat would be the challenge...
Posted by Dana M. on December 30, 2018 
FSWood - I have a brother who was into wargamming scenarios with miniture figures (reenacting WW II battles, Civil War battle, etc.) and he used to be able to "kitbash" some of the figures using an Exacto Knife, Superglue, Tweezers, and a candle. He would take the figures he needed to change their posture/poses with and heat them over the candle, making the plastic "pliable" and then carefully cut the needed arm, leg, torso, etc. with the Exacto Knife, and then with the proper appendage or part, he would carefully assemble the figures back together into another form, and superglue them together. It took a lot of painstaking time, and effort, and it was VERY tedious - but he managed to create an entire Yankee Civil War unit into the "Dead and Dying Brigage" by making the figures by hand - (he had one figure molded with a "cannon ball" ripping through his stomach - a BB pellet on a small wire coming out his back) - and then a little sanding of the excess glue, and a lot of paint, voila...a new "kitbashed" figure! So it can be done, but it is a LOT of work and time, and detail and patience!
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