Posted by Marc on January 6, 2019 
Wow, that's a whole lot of stored UP power. Did I read someplace that the UP were starting a mother / slug program with 6 axle units? Nice catch.
Posted by Dana M. on January 6, 2019 
Only one word - "Sad!" I've heard there is a downturn in rail traffic and shippers wanting to ship by rail - but I didn't think it was THIS drastic to store that many units!
Posted by miningcamper on January 6, 2019 
Yes, it could be a downturn, but it could also be units that UP intends to dispose of. The newest SD60M is 26 years old.
Posted by Christian Stoll on January 7, 2019 
This is the result of the precision railroading mess that UP and NS are implementing. This system allows the railroads to use as less locomotives as possible to run their trains. This is a problem as it cost just as much to run an engine and to store it. The only difference is that the engine is not producing any revenue. This will lead to a major downturn in profits. As far as the age of the locomotives that is not a problem as UP has been spent a lot of money rebuilding similar locomotives.
Posted by d3lp0rto on January 9, 2019 
Is that a SD70ACe in the mix?
Posted by Christian Stoll on January 10, 2019 
There are C40-8W's, C41-8W's, AC4400CW's, SD70ACE-T4's, SD90MAC's, C44-9W's, and SD60M's.
Posted by Sport! on January 10, 2019 
I wonder what the total number of units stored versus active is ??
Posted by Sport! on January 10, 2019 
and the answer is!!!
Posted by Christian Stoll on January 11, 2019 
That article is 10 years old, so it's a little out dated. There aren't near that many engines in storage today.
Posted by Matt Hultman on January 11, 2019 
Hey Sport, your post is ten years old. Don't know if its relevant today.
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