Posted by Tom on March 14, 2019 
Beautiful photo with color, content, and emotion. I spent some time in the United Kingdom. Would love to visit again. My PCA.
Posted by miningcamper on March 14, 2019 
Excellent job creating this scene! I guess what I find the most interesting is the lack of height regarding the locomotive. The conductor does not need to look up very far to chat with the engine driver!
Posted by Sean Mathews on March 14, 2019 
To answer miningcamper, the loading gauge of British Steam engines is much smaller than US engines. That's a reason why you don't see boilers and smokestacks sticking up too high, and everything is tucked in. So you aren't imagining things. Went back to England on vacation in 2013 and spent a day riding on A4s and other great engines on the NYMR. GB by far had better steam engines than us in the US. Their diesels though don't come close to ours.
Posted by Eugene Armer on March 14, 2019 
Wonderful railway scene, lots of atmosphere.
Posted by Jeff Sell on March 14, 2019 
Nice series of United Kingdom steam photos!
Posted by Daniel SIMON on March 15, 2019 
Congratulations for the SC Georg! Very nice picture. I messed my shot for this scene ................ :-(((( Daniel
Posted by Sid Vaught on March 17, 2019 
Also note, a high level platform reduces the distance between conductor and driver.
Posted by Scott Cunningham on March 18, 2019 
Wonderful. Nothing else you can say really...!
Posted by ET&WNC12 on March 20, 2019 
Excellent Work my good sir!
Posted by Bob Kise on March 21, 2019 
Nice one, Georg.
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