Posted by Darryl Rule on April 28, 2005 
Cool, a shot from the future...I think I'll go out May 3rd, looks like it will be a beautiful day LOL!!!
Posted by Chris Wilson on April 28, 2005 
Nice shot!
Posted by Brian Gessel on April 28, 2005 
Actually 2003 was 2 years ago... but go out on May 3rd anyway, see what happens. ;-) Nice shot by the way.
Posted by Chris Starnes on April 29, 2005 
Great composition, Brian. Keep up the good work!
Posted by George W. Hamlin on May 2, 2005 
Very well done! Two individuals with eyes only for their interest--one railroad, the other fishing!
Posted by Ryan Parent on May 4, 2005 
Congrats on POTW Brian. Very nicely done photo.
Posted by Jeff Mazurek on May 4, 2005 
Very nice composition and congrats on POTW!!!
Posted by Sam Davey on October 30, 2005 
now thats life, fishing and trains, great shot
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