Posted by Pat Lorenz on July 3, 2005 
Makes me want to go tubing! Great work, that sure is a lot of water. Pat Lorenz
Posted by Gregory Weirich on July 4, 2005 
Rosco scores again!!!!
Posted by Robert Benkovitz on July 4, 2005 
Great work! I absolutely love fanning this line - too bad I live 3000 miles away!
Posted by Mafia cTc on July 4, 2005 
Puta que pariu du caralho essa foto !!!!!! ( Very nice shot !!! )
Posted by A.J. Smith on July 6, 2005 
Beautiful shot! Thanks for sharing and congrats on POTW.
Posted by Gregory Weirich on July 6, 2005 
Hooray for Ross!! Congrats on POTW.
Posted by jaredkelly on July 6, 2005 
What a great variety of railroads.
Posted by Aaron Florin on July 6, 2005 
Is this on the Scenic sub? If so, it continues to live up to its name, and you captured a superb shot.
Posted by Chris Wilson on July 6, 2005 
Nice shot! There is a article in trains mag with this same image (well same spot)
Posted by Mafia do CTC on July 6, 2005 
Vai tomá no cú seu filho da puta !!!!!!!!! como que voce bate uma foto dessas !!!!!!!!!! ( nice shot !!!! )
Posted by mc5725 on July 7, 2005 
Sorry, but I couldn't think of a bilingual comment. The CSX and NS units are common where I am from (Rochester, NY), so seeing them in scenery like this is neat! Great shot!
Posted by Mike Bates on July 7, 2005 
Now that's a great picture!
Posted by Kyle Pohll on July 10, 2005 
That's a beauty!!!
Posted by Hans Stump on July 10, 2005 
Wow I bet this was a hard one to get.!! Just wasome.!!
Posted by Gregory Dahbura on January 16, 2006 
Amazing...... Perfect composition, perfect image quality, nice consist and train at the perfect spot and amazing foreground!
Posted by Nicholas O Sullivan on July 11, 2006 
It's a tough window to get with all that power, but you got it. Bravo.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on January 26, 2007 
Strolling throught the database - excellent image in so many ways Ross.
Posted by Ken Albrecht on November 5, 2011 
This scene always was a tight shot. You have to know the train is coming because there is only a 6 second window of opportunity here. The cascading water, pretty as it is, leaves you zero ability to hear the train. You bagged a good one, Ross.
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