Posted by Brandon Smith on July 15, 2005 
Great composition. Nice work.
Posted by Brandon Smith on July 15, 2005 
All those Swoosh hoppers... Amazing shot, POTW!
Posted by Brandon Smith on July 16, 2005 
Posted by Mafia cTc on July 20, 2005 
porra !!!!!!! humilho as fotinha que eu faço !!!!
Posted by CalMurray on July 20, 2005 
Un Fantistique I tried it in French since felipe tried Mexican but its really nice shot i like the back ground and the reflection on the rail but the rails look a lil crappy
Posted by Ryan Parent on July 20, 2005 
Congratulations Steve on POTW! This is an excellent shot and deserves to be in the spotlight :)
Posted by Ryan M. Martin on July 20, 2005 
alright Steve, congrats on thge POTW! See, all of the submissions have led up to one nice reward. Enjoy these nice sunny (rare) months up north!
Posted by Chris Wilson on July 20, 2005 
Them rails need some work! Whats on the one rail from the center sticking up infront of the unit? Nice shot with the snow capped mountain in the background!
Posted by Steve Carter on July 20, 2005 
To answer the question of "what's on the rail near the plow", I don't know. My best guess is some sort of photographic artifact/reflection. I've looked at couple of other angles to this shot and the "thing" is not there. In regards to the track, in the last week there has been a MOW crew in the area and I guess it looks a lot better now. Steve Carter
Posted by Ken Carr - Vegas Rails on July 20, 2005 
Great shot Steve.....refelction,background....excellent photo...
Posted by billnict on July 20, 2005 
Is this loco in DPU mode?? Great picture BTW!
Posted by Ross Fotheringham on July 20, 2005 
Very, Very nice! That would make a great King5 Weather pic. Kids - Please don't try and duplicate this with a moving train!
Posted by Steve Carter on July 20, 2005 
These are DPU locomotives, there is another unit behind this one, and two units on the head end.
Posted by Renaldo Anderson on July 21, 2005 
great job you were brave getting that close to the action
Posted by Stéphane Descoteaux on July 21, 2005 
White mountain with green vegetation and the orange loco, could you ask for a better contrast ?? nice shot Steve !!!
Posted by Hans Stump on July 21, 2005 
A nice clean engine with a snowcapped mountain, nice combo and great shot.!!! Congrats on POTW.
Posted by Jonathan Thrasher on July 22, 2005 
The thing that is hanging on the plow looks like dirt slid off the plow ;) And amazing shot Jonathan
Posted by mc5725 on July 22, 2005 
Seventeen comments already? You must have done something right! Impressive scenery, among other things!
Posted by Andreas Umnus on October 3, 2005 
It's really a great picture.
Posted by MCsport on November 23, 2005 
Awsome shot!!! You could frame that one. Looks like the tracks have seen better days. Congratulations again!!!
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