Posted by Joseph LeMay on July 17, 2005 
Oh so THAT's why they call them "hoppers"!
Posted by on July 17, 2005 
SO close, but they are really called Bathtub Gondolas for scrap medal. Although, there are coal gondolas called coal hoppers.
Posted by M.J. Scanlon Photography on July 18, 2005 
Now, that's no place to dump the garbage. Nice catch.
Posted by N691LF on July 20, 2005 
Looks like some of the streets I drive on looking for trains... without the derailed train.
Posted by Jeff Faherty on July 20, 2005 
Two things...those say "woodchip loading only" on the side. And a question for Lester...did you go onto the rt 80 bridge for that shot?
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