Posted by J. Randall Banks on August 4, 2005 
Anyone else notice the red rail car serving another use?
Posted by Robert Benkovitz on August 4, 2005 
It's part of a small cafe - don't know the heritage, or how long its been there. Anybody know its heritage?
Posted by on August 5, 2005 
Yup, they make gread BBQ. Also, the 2nd unit is a standard 70MAC.
Posted by Robert Benkovitz on August 5, 2005 
Ah, good call about the second unit - I corrected the caption. Maybe I'll try the BBQ someday.
Posted by Jim Satterwhite on August 5, 2005 
Nice composition, Robert. I'll have to try the Barbecue served in the red baggage car. Wonder how it compares with Texas brisket???
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