Posted by Bill Hemb on August 23, 2005 
That is just mint, if you B&W that photo it could have been taken 50 years ago and no one would be able to tell! great shot!
Posted by ebtrr on August 23, 2005 
Alex, this is just amazing! Priceless.
Posted by BNP&RT01 on August 23, 2005 
I'am totaly in agreement with Bill. But, This is your day to shine! Great Photography Alex...
Posted by Chris Starnes on August 23, 2005 
Great stuff Alex....when I saw this it screamed POTW. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Ryan Parent on August 24, 2005 
Your a great photographer Alex! Congrats on a great picture and POTW.
Posted by RailfanWV#1 on August 24, 2005 
Alex-- Beautiful Picture....absolutely amazing!!! You oughta see if there is enough of a response to make prints out of it.
Posted by B& O on May 9, 2007 
That is one real tough looking shot FRED M POHL
Posted by thefarmersson on January 31, 2013 
This is a great shot. What amazing work!!
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