Posted by Dave Toussaint on October 17, 2005 
Very cool engine and shot!
Posted by Scott L on October 18, 2005 
Ditch lights in 1991?Cool engine but im not sure on the ditch lights
Posted by Mike Bates on October 18, 2005 
Posted by N691LF on October 18, 2005 
Ditch lights came out right around this time. This unit was considered difficult to see, so the added ditch lights helped in that regard. The unintended result of the camouflage was that it was, well, camouflaged at crossings. All the other photos of this unit show ditch lights. Many new units coming out that year had them, such as the SP GP40M-2s.
Posted by Joseph LeMay on October 23, 2005 
Yeah, it pretty much matches the brown and tan of the tracks and ballast!
Posted by John Sweet on October 27, 2005 
I like the USA camo on the fuel tank.
Posted by john mcclure on November 21, 2005 
i like this train, good paint design
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