Posted by Chris Starnes on November 15, 2005 
Nice shot, Steve. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Christopher M. Palmieri on November 15, 2005 
Great shot, Steve. Santa Cruz was our favorite place to visit during my RR tour of duty in California. I highly recommend the stay at the Coast Santa Cruz Hotel which is right there.
Posted by David Hawkins on November 15, 2005 
Great shot! Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Willie Brown on November 16, 2005 
Steve, Very interesting & neat shot. I like it.
Posted by on November 16, 2005 
What a warm picture... compared the the blizzard conditions we are having in northern Minnesota tonight.
Posted by Chris Kilroy on November 16, 2005 
Awesome photo, Steve. I was just in Santa Cruz this past Sunday (November 13), but unfortunately, on a non-railroad related outing. I definitely hope to railfan the Santa Cruz branch sometime in the future, and this photo is definite inspiration to get out there and do it! Thanks for sharing!
Posted by BNSF SAMMY on November 16, 2005 
Wow awesome shot!
Posted by Mike Bjork on November 17, 2005 
Time to hit the beach 8-) Nice shot Steve.
Posted by Stephen Jones on June 22, 2006 
Is there still street running along the boardwalk? If so, I hope there are no plans to cease it!
Posted by John Fladung on January 3, 2007 
A very similar photo taken just before yours can be found on page 73 of the January 2007 issue of TRAINS magazine. Interesting!
Posted by Ozzz on May 24, 2008 
There is a shot of this train that is 5 seconds before this shot. Its in Trains Magazine January 2007. This is great to!
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