Posted by BNSF SAMMY on November 16, 2005 
Wow awesome! Those engines look mighty nice!
Posted by BJ Preddy on November 16, 2005 
Very nice looking engines.Good catch.
Posted by Chris Wilson on November 16, 2005 
Nice shot John, congradulations on the first CPR ES44AC shot here on RP's!
Posted by David Garon on November 17, 2005 
Nice shot, John... good to finally see what these locos look like in the CP scheme. But what happened to the beaver logo? Is our national animal unacceptable south of the border?
Posted by Gregg Pullano on November 17, 2005 
When did these ordered, and how many is CPR going to get. By the way, Great Shot
Posted by Gregg Pullano on November 17, 2005 
Per some posts on Railroadforums, these are supposed to get the Beaver when it has been redesigned (Made smaller).
Posted by ilovesd90macs on November 17, 2005 
Wheres the beaver??? Canadian Pacific locos just arent the same without it. I hope they will put it on later. They still look nice. Great Shot!
Posted by Mike Bjork on November 20, 2005 
Those units make that red look dang fine 8-) But they dont look the same w/o the beaver...
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