Posted by Joseph LeMay on January 12, 2006 
They got a pretty sweet paintscheme on that! The only thing I'm worried about is if it hits a bad section of track while inspecting at 70MPH! =O
Posted by Ant Davis on January 12, 2006 
Holy Cow!!! I wonder if NS, CSX or anyone else will follow in the footsteps of UP??? But you're right what if it does hit a bad section of track @ 70 MPH??? It would be a sad loss and a waste of money!!
Posted by Stephen Guthrie on January 12, 2006 
Ugly on the outside but, they are pretty nice on the inside. I piloted the FRA's T2000 which is pretty close to this one. It's pretty much an RV on rails.
Posted by on June 20, 2006 
Thats cool. Nice shot, John!
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