Posted by on March 19, 2006 
"...white knuckle ride?"
Posted by Terry Tabb on March 19, 2006 
Your first day shot on RP and it is stunning. Thanks Gary.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on March 19, 2006 
Wow! One of the best photo's I've seen on this site, or any site for the matter. Spectacular!
Posted by Mike Bjork on March 19, 2006 
Terry is right, this is your first day shot on RP, and might I say it is AMAZING. Youre easily one of the best photographers on RP. Keep up the excellent work!
Posted by Wade H. Massie on March 20, 2006 
Outstanding photo! What were you standing on?
Posted by julia51 on March 20, 2006 
breath taking! julia
Posted by BNSF SAMMY on March 21, 2006 
Can that water get any bluer? Nice shot;congrats on POTW!
Posted by Dean Kaplan on March 21, 2006 
Gary that is a great picture. Congrats on POTW
Posted by Ross Fotheringham on March 22, 2006 
Now that's mountain goat railroading! Great colors all around.
Posted by Rich Clark on March 22, 2006 
Great shot Gary, lots of interest for the railfan and anyone viewing, worth waiting for any time!!
Posted by Michael Da Costa on March 22, 2006 
Such a beautiful picture Gary, you've done it again, as a CP fan, I'm really impressed with the shot, stunning and yet beautifully composed. Excellent Job.
Posted by Scot Lawrence on March 23, 2006 
Great shot! gorgeous! but im amazed that no one seems to notice that the color balance is terrible! ;) it has a huge overall cyan cast.. a few seconds in photoshop and we get this: Scot
Posted by Chris Long on March 25, 2006 
WOW!! Awsome perspective. Great shot Gary.
Posted by SD38SD39locomotives on March 25, 2006 
This shot is currently on my desktop, and is a home run with the whole family!!! EXCEEEEELLENT GARY. Thanks for sharing it. Hey, that one looks super really nice too Scot. But something about the blue tones in the originally posted one, has got me hooked to it. I know I voted it for a People's Choice Award.....
Posted by Chris Lyon on March 28, 2006 
Nice Photo. You sure found a great site. I would like to visit it some day. It is about three hours from home. Is it easily accessed or do you have to hike in? Myself I like the modified shot as these units are quite faded in reality and the colour correction does reflect a truer colour re the water and cliffs. You really notice it is on the hood of the lead Unit where the blue tone is eliminated and a true black is evident. Nice composition and great sky. Like fishing You caught a wopper.
Posted by Phil Butterworth on August 1, 2006 
That photograph is awe inspiring. Tell me, do they have problems with rock falls on that line?
Posted by STEVE SPEARS on September 28, 2006 
At 35,000 ft. above the earth on board a Boeing problem!! Here? Forget about it!! Super photo, Gary!!
Posted by ToledoTerminalRy on April 15, 2007 
Must have been in plain view the conductor saw you! Excellent shot!
Posted by Kyle Tribianni on February 22, 2008 
I'd hate to derail up there. Nice shot, Gary.
Posted by Travis Dewitz on August 3, 2008 
Great Shot!!
Posted by Charles J. Renella on August 12, 2008 
Posted by Big D 965 on March 23, 2009 
Very beautiful shot. I love the colors and think you did a GREAT JOB!
Posted by triplebuc69 on February 21, 2010 
Does Amtrak use this line? I would enjoy this view for sure!
Posted by Paul on February 19, 2012 
Amtrak's Adirondack uses this line. The Adirondack runs between New York and Montreal.
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