Posted by David Hawkins on April 4, 2006 
Wow! what a mess.
Posted by trainmanj on April 5, 2006 
The car looked in pretty good shape before this.
Posted by Scott McClarrinon on April 5, 2006 
I wonder why the contents of the boxcar must be set on fire, and have the debris go into the river, accidently or not.
Posted by Rich Clark on April 5, 2006 
Nice shot, looks like Guilford has been busy with putting cars back on tracks this year! I agree Scott, you know the car was partially filled with water and the contents soaked as it sat there before this latest move, hmmmm GRS must be doing fire training and remember how dry we are in the Northeast right now. Sure seems like an odd cleanup process....thoughts out there? Thanks Rich
Posted by Bill Latimer on August 19, 2006 
Wouldn't had been better to off load the paper, take it to a recycle centre instead of blazing up the load to lighten the car for removal
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