Posted by BNSF SAMMY on May 21, 2006 
Nice angle and sky!
Posted by on May 21, 2006 
VERY nice looking shot!
Posted by Matt C. Batryn-Rodriguez on May 21, 2006 
Very nice shot. I really like the lighting and blured clouds moving by. ~matt
Posted by Ryan M. Martin on May 22, 2006 
AWESOME drama-fo-yo-mama night shot Kevin. Can't go wrong with the IC mixed lash-up either. Love the clouds, my kind of night shot...
Posted by Gregory Weirich on May 22, 2006 
Love the compostion and ligthing. My vote for PCA
Posted by Dean Kaplan on May 22, 2006 
Kevin this shot is completely amazing, great shot, love the clouds above the engine
Posted by BNP&RT01 on May 23, 2006 
What a wonderful, So Sureal.
Posted by BNP&RT01 on May 23, 2006 
What a wonderful photo, So Sureal.
Posted by SDfourD on May 24, 2006 
Nice man! Those clouds make the photo unbelievable. The consist is pretty nice too! Congrats. Alec
Posted by Eric Zak on May 24, 2006 
NICE photo you dropped it like its hot. CN should put that photo in there yearly corporate book.Awasome clouds!
Posted by on May 24, 2006 
Congrats on this incredible shot, and photo of the week, and having the FIRST photo of the week from Illinois!!! You have given me new inspiration! Great work!
Posted by Ian Murray on May 25, 2006 
Kevin, Great shot, I am trying to get up that way sometime in October. Give me a shout sometime!! Ian
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