Posted by Tony Correll on April 17, 2007 
This unit is the only one, as far as I know, to have a book written about it. It is called "Diesel-Electric 4030" and was written in 1949 not too long after this unit was newly delivered to the New York Central. In juvenile format, it describes what it is like to be in the cab with the engine crew as they couple the two unit locomotive on to train no. 1, "The Pacemaker," at Harmon and take it over the Hudson Division to Albany. The second part of the book gives the reader a look at the mechanical details of the E7. This book went a long way toward further developing my interest in this subject. If anyone is interested in trying to find a copy, the author's name is Henry Billings and it was published by Viking Press in 1950. Great picture Mr. Hamlin, as always!
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