Posted by Guilford RailFan on February 19, 2005 
holy crap! How fast were those engines going?
Posted by Scott Locker on July 6, 2006 
Houston: We have a problem
Posted by STEVE SPEARS on September 28, 2006 
This looks like a major merge point. (I count five seperate tracks, that I can see) Obviously a "vulnerable" intersection. Hopefully no serious injury. Looks like a Hollywood prop! Too bad it isn't!! Great catch, Thomas!!
Posted by Alexander on October 31, 2006 
Who ownes these tracks now
Posted by Jeffrey Carlyle on January 16, 2008 
Google Maps shows a decent overhead view of this junction It looks like historically the Seaboard Air Line, Atlantic Coast Line, and Southern crossed here. Now the double track line and the line diverging to the left are owned by CSX, and the line crossing from lower right to upper left is Norfolk Southern.
Posted by --o- on April 1, 2011 
I used to be stationed near these tracks.
Posted by nebrantjedh on November 4, 2012 

Posted by eullinexdami on November 29, 2012 

Posted by Padlin&critter rr on July 14, 2015 
imagine the immense power.
Posted by Thomas Hogan on June 7, 2020 
Yes, this is Central Junction. The double track is the ACL, the single track with the Family Lines GE parked on it is the SAl, and the track coming in the left that has a diamond wi the others is the Savannah ad Atlanta. The track curving in the left of the image is the former Central of Georgia manline. The C of Ga came from their shops in Savannah and inter changed with all of the Central Junction railroads. in the 1950s, the C of Ga was cut off about 100 feet to the 11 o'clock of the photographer, and the Savannah and Atlanta mainline was used utill they interchanged again further northwest. If my memory is correct, the photographer is standing on the Highway 80 overpass, wich has been there scince the steam era.
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