Posted by Sid Vaught on September 5, 2006 
In a place where you'd think all the vignettes have been found, send in Chris! Nice job.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on September 5, 2006 
Thanks for phrasing that so well - those were my thoughts as well for a comment. Nicely composed Chris.
Posted by Michael F. Allen on September 6, 2006 
Nice shot Chris. Nice eye for locations! For all the times I've been there, this is a new viewpoint!
Posted by Jim DeGraff on September 6, 2006 
Fantastic shot, it is work like this that convinces me that we are living in the golden age rail photography!
Posted by nice on September 8, 2006 
nice photo but its sad that steam is almost gone STRASBURG FOREVER!!!!!!!!!
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