Posted by Dean Kaplan on September 9, 2006 
WOW!!!! beautiful night shot Dave, the moon is a great touch
Posted by Mitch Goldman on September 9, 2006 
Fantastic image Dave! Perfectly framed and exposed.
Posted by on September 9, 2006 
Nice shot Dave! Very worthy of Sreeners Choice.
Posted by John Fladung on September 9, 2006 
Words can't really describe this shot and others you took this particular evening. Spectacular photo Dave. Thanks for your continued efforts on getting "the good shots", and keep up the good work.
Posted by Mike Bjork on September 9, 2006 
That is a spectacular shot!!! Excellent work Dave!
Posted by Jim Ramnes on September 9, 2006 
Tremendous photo Dave. Thanks for everything you share.
Posted by Michael F. Allen on September 9, 2006 
Ooooohhhhhh! Looks like a dream! Beautiful!
Posted by Rick W. on September 9, 2006 
I'm Jealous!
Posted by Joel Hinkhouse on September 9, 2006 
Outstanding, Dave. This is one of those posted every once in awhile that stays in your mind long after you shut down your computer. Very nice.
Posted by Nick Hart on September 9, 2006 
Dave, outstanding work! You have my vote for PCA. Nick Hart
Posted by M.J. Scanlon Photography on September 9, 2006 
Outstanding!! This and the others you captured on this shoot are stunning.
Posted by John Sweet on September 10, 2006 
Wow! Dave - that's going to be my desktop wallpaper for a few days.
Posted by CJ on September 10, 2006 
VERY nice. I'll be all nostalgic for the remainder of the evening now. Thank you.
Posted by Bill Merlavage --- on September 11, 2006 
Very nice
Posted by on September 13, 2006 
Dave, This photo is simply amazing, to be completely honest it looks too much like a painting to be real. This is a fantastic photo, and The others are right, I'll still be seeing this photo long after I shut down the computer! Great shot, Just goes to show what can be done when you time the exposure just right!
Posted by Hugh on September 13, 2006 
Four fantastic photos!!
Posted by Ross Fotheringham on September 13, 2006 
If I was you I'd frame one for your photo wall, and then maybe a few to sell. I'm not sure if it's the angle of the shot, but it looks like it may be tilted CCW a degree or 2.
Posted by BNSF SAMMY on September 13, 2006 
Great lighting, great train, great shot!
Posted by Mike Vandenberg on September 13, 2006 
What more can I add. Simply fantastic!
Posted by Dave on September 14, 2006 
Nice...I feel like I've gone back in time :)
Posted by hsuhfasuih on September 16, 2006 
Beautiful shot dave! Love everything about it! Great job!
Posted by highliner on March 12, 2007 
Best 'set-up' night time photo that I've ever seen, far and away!
Posted by gavin mclennan on June 2, 2007 
Wow,this is cool.
Posted by Whisl'n Bruce on September 16, 2014 
Simply fantastic.
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