Posted by Dean Kaplan on September 12, 2006 
WOW!!! like the steam, great shot Bob
Posted by Mitch Goldman on September 12, 2006 
Rod down, beautiful shot Bob!
Posted by Ray Peacock on September 12, 2006 
Come on NS, bring it back!
Posted by Paul Morgan on September 13, 2006 
I just hate I wasn't old enough to fully appreciate this loco when I got to ride the Autumn Leaf Special when I was a kid.... right on.... bring it back NS. Bring her back! Very nice shot of her!
Posted by Michael F. Allen on September 14, 2006 
Bob, Another great shot. Those were the days....
Posted by Allen Bunn on September 15, 2006 
Great shot, how I wish NS would revive the steam program.
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