Posted by Mitch Goldman on September 26, 2006 
Beautiful image Tim! The VIA paint livery does the F40PH-2s justice.
Posted by Rob Eull on September 26, 2006 
Great shot Tim! I think they could use more power though.
Posted by Stu Levene on September 26, 2006 
How many passenger cars were on the train?
Posted by Josh on September 26, 2006 
Nice shot Tim! I think that might set a few records for number of units on a VIA...
Posted by on September 26, 2006 
GREAT shot Tim!!!
Posted by Dean Kaplan on September 26, 2006 
all elephant style also, great shot Tim
Posted by Tim Stevens on September 26, 2006 
Stu, there were 28 coaches on this train. The most I've ever seen is 30.
Posted by David Wheeler on September 27, 2006 
Likewise tim likewise!!!! And Tim the most cars was on my train in July was 35 but the had to knock 2 off in winnipeg because it couldn't fit into the station. My question is why there are so many engines on the train? the most i have ever seen is 3 on the Canadian
Posted by Reddy on September 27, 2006 
David Wheeler: there are so many engines because they must provide employment to everybody, that's how it is in Canada :-)
Posted by Chris Wilson on September 27, 2006 
To bad there wasnt 3 more coaches added! Nice shot!
Posted by Tim Stevens on September 27, 2006 
Although I like "Reddy's" explanation, this train had 5 units for a purpose. 6446, the second unit in the consist, had some sort of mechanical problem on the previous to the previous #1. It was set off en-route and was lifted by this train. It is enroute to Vancouver to get additional work. The train left Toronto with 4 units likely to help out with a future eastbound out of Vancouver. There are a few units out of service in Vancouver which is why the extra power is needed there.
Posted by David Wheeler on September 28, 2006 
Thanks Guys for answering my question
Posted by CPRchris on October 2, 2006 
WOW ! What an amazing shot Tim ! Nice catch ! 5 units is rare in Canada, and on a passenger train it is even more rare !
Posted by Brian, Australia on October 3, 2006 
Excellent 'Focal Length' selection, good to see locos look the right lenght/proportion
Posted by CyclingRocks on May 23, 2011 
Wow. That's impressive!
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