Posted by Dean Kaplan on October 10, 2006 
Wow!!! beautiful night shot Bill
Posted by Ken Kuehne on October 10, 2006 
Gosh, that almost looks like a painting! Great mood shot.
Posted by Michael F. Allen on October 11, 2006 
Great shot, Bill. It almost looks like a Larry Fisher night scene painting!
Posted by Bill Merlavage --- on October 11, 2006 
Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback & comments.
Posted by Tim in Rockwall, TX on October 11, 2006 
And this did not get even a "Screener's Choice"? Beautiful shot.
Posted by Kurt Clark on May 1, 2007 
Love those GP30s! Great shot
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on November 1, 2007 
This is a really nice composition.
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