Posted by Dean Kaplan on October 25, 2006 
WOW!!! amazing shot Christian
Posted by Marty Bernard on October 26, 2006 
Just plain excellent!
Posted by Chris on October 26, 2006 
That's got to be one hell of a hike to get down there, I've often thought about doing it myself on my trips down the canyon, nice to see a different point of view on that location.
Posted by Christian Vazzaz on October 26, 2006 
Where we went is about an Hour (taking it easy) down to the river from the top. Then its about 30-40 min up a steep "cliff" to the top again. The only reason we went down here is because we were fishing, not many trains that day though and no we didn't catch anything :( If you have time and there aren't many train just "go for a walk" and see where you end up. Just a side note the Thompson River is at a 100 year low when it comes to water levels, you can tell by looking at the canyon wall.
Posted by RailfanAlex on October 26, 2006 
Posted by Tom Michele on October 26, 2006 
Wow! What a geology lesson at the same time. What texture! Well done, well worth the effort to hike-climb from whereever you were.
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