Posted by Bewildebeeste on November 17, 2006 
What's that conrail blue looking F on the right hand track?
Posted by Andy Brown on November 18, 2006 
Cool shot! Looks like a Metra (RTA) E-8. Behind that are BN E-9s.
Posted by Robert A. Shook on November 18, 2006 
This has to be a Missabe unit on the bottom right hand corner. look at the tactonite on the roof!
Posted by Brian Hiscock on November 22, 2006 
Wow! A bag full of cash would get me some good fixer-uppers there! ;-)
Posted by Metra416 on November 23, 2006 
Is it possible to buy one of these old locomotives?
Posted by Joseph Fowler on November 23, 2006 
If there is a GP9 or two I'll take one.
Posted by notch8ornothin on May 1, 2010 
Looks like a gp40x minus the cab in the foreground, and most odd of all is the GE in the middle, its either a sl110 or sl144. Regardless of which it is they are both extremely rare, very nice find indeed. Love all the switchers by the way.
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