Posted by Michael Da Costa on December 28, 2006 
Great photo Chris, the unknown eastbound manifest she departed leading on was CP242 (Bensenville Yard - Toronto Yard) .
Posted by Geoff Elliott on December 28, 2006 
Nice consist. As Michael mentioned, 7303 led train 242 on to Toronto yesterday. Shot it here in Windsor yesterday (December 27th) but SOO 6041 was second up with the 2 CP's trailing when it went by us. We didn't have as nice of weather as you had though............
Posted by Nathan Trump on December 29, 2006 
Now how does a Delaware & Hudson engine, railroad based in New York, end up in illinois?
Posted by vonfinkelstein on December 29, 2006 
D&H no longer operates as an independent railroad. They are a subsidiary of CP.
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