Posted by Nathan Trump on December 29, 2006 
Let those passengers rest in peace. Please send more photos of the wreckage if you have any, John Otherwise, a good shot.
Posted by John Witthaus on December 29, 2006 
Amen to that. Is that a dodge Power Wagon?
Posted by Ray Peacock on December 29, 2006 
wonder what the carnage looked like at track level behind that coach. a little internet research states the train was going 50mph in a 25 work zone...can you imagine this scene in this day and age? there's no way a civilian (let alone a kid like John was when he shot this) would get within 1/2 mile of the scene. that wreck site would be super police tape in those days! also note what appear to be temporary 'steps' made of ties leading from the coach.
Posted by Jonathan E. Anschutz on December 29, 2006 
John, I really enjoy your vintage photos, especially of the PRR - tell me, do you have other's from the Central PA area?
Posted by Doug Wolfe on December 30, 2006 
John, my jaw dropped when I saw this. My grandfather, Russ Wolfe, died in this wreck while on his way home from work. I have seen only a couple of poor quality black & whites before and your pictures are the best I have ever seen. Thanks for posting!
Posted by John Lockwood on December 30, 2006 
I think that truck is a mack. Looks like the good old bull dog standing proud on the hood.
Posted by Billy Bob on December 30, 2006 
I don't think those are rail ties. They look like seat backs from inside the coach.
Posted by Steve Lerro on January 1, 2007 
any idea what was pulling this consist??? steam, diesel, electric?
Posted by David Wheeler on January 1, 2007 
Its a mack. I have a model of one of those in my room
Posted by cr6127 on January 6, 2007 
A steam engine was pulling this train. The New York Times had a very extensive article on this wreck. The 5th or 6th derailed in the Woodbridge station. I went to Montclair State College, and in the early 70's, they had copies of all New York Times editions from the first editions in the 1800's. I read the article on this wreck.. Hope that helps. The PRR train was a New York and Long Branch train. This was one of the last lines to have steam engines. It was probably a K4 unit.
Posted by Steve Lerro on March 12, 2008 
I'm surprised the weight of the locomotive managed to pass the bad spot in the track, but the coach jumped.
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