Posted by John Rice on January 2, 2007 
Great shot Chris!
Posted by David Brook on January 2, 2007 
Great catch!
Posted by batmantrainfan on January 2, 2007 
Anyone who trudges through this much snow for the picture deserves my appreciation. Nice Catch!
Posted by Andrew Matuska on January 2, 2007 
Nice shot Chris!!! We'll take some of that snow here in La Crosse.
Posted by Dean Kaplan on January 2, 2007 
Beautiful snow shot Chris!!!!!
Posted by Harald Schmitz on January 2, 2007 
Nice shot, Chris
Posted by Craig Williams on January 3, 2007 
Chris this is a nice looking snow shot. Way to scope out this shot and capture it!
Posted by Bicot (Marc Caya) on January 4, 2007 
The flying snow, the signals, the roaring locomotive... Bravo Chris!
Posted by David Wheeler on January 5, 2007 
Wow!! I nominate this for PCA
Posted by Rob Eull on January 16, 2007 
Very nice Chris! Congrats on PCA!!
Posted by Chris Wilson on January 16, 2007 
Thanks everyone for the comments, and for voting for my photograph! It was a nice start to the year 2007!
Posted by Alan Challis on January 17, 2007 
Great shot Chris!
Posted by jeremey witkowski on January 17, 2007 
Sweet shot chris!
Posted by npapaletsos on January 18, 2007 
The beast roars and kicks up snow. This is what I call a great action picture. Well done
Posted by Sean on January 18, 2007 
Great catch! Make it have the title of the day!!!
Posted by Sean on January 18, 2007 
Nice shot chirs
Posted by Tired Old Hobo on January 19, 2007 
Good composition and action makes for a fantastic shot.
Posted by Samuel Thibodeau on January 20, 2007 
Simply amazing !!!!! Great catch Chris !
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