Posted by on January 15, 2007 
That's more snow than we've gotten in Northern Minnesota all year. POTW hands down.
Posted by Jason on January 15, 2007 
If this doesn't end up as a top photo, I'd be surprised. AMAZING SITE!
Posted by Allen Robertson on January 15, 2007 
You've got my vote for PCA!
Posted by Ryan M. Martin on January 15, 2007 
YES! Wow, a frosty F59PHI, Talgo set and a frosty Cabbage somewhere back there. My vote for PCA #1 AND in my honest opinion, this should be POTW for sure come Tuesday night! Great catch there in the frosty PNW Gregory!
Posted by Anthony K Small on January 15, 2007 
Great Winter Wonderland photo!
Posted by Matt Rivers on January 15, 2007 
Simply wonderful!
Posted by Martin Burwash on January 15, 2007 
Great catch, Greg! Whistle long for Fir/Conway.....
Posted by Mike Karlik on January 15, 2007 
Excellent photo.
Posted by John West on January 15, 2007 
Posted by J. C. Smith, Jr. on January 15, 2007 
Wow! Now that's what I call being at the right place at the right time. Send this one straight to Amtrak!
Posted by BNSF SAMMY on January 15, 2007 
Those trees are brilliant. Great photo!
Posted by Nikko P on January 15, 2007 
The compostion of this picture is absolutely perfect. I love the way frost is clinging to the trees. The colors of the train mix in with the scene perfectly! PCA
Posted by Gregory Weirich on January 15, 2007 
Thanks for the great comments!!! I finally remembered to take my camera to work.
Posted by Ian on January 15, 2007 
Jesus! There isn't much that can be said about a photo like this.......EXCELLENT WORK!
Posted by M. Worden on January 15, 2007 
Fantastic shot!
Posted by Bill Merlavage --- on January 15, 2007 
One of the best I've seen.
Posted by Mark Hardin on January 15, 2007 
Posted by Mark Rosnick on January 15, 2007 
WOW!!!! My vote for PCA for sure.
Posted by Michael F. Allen on January 15, 2007 
Wonderful snow, wonderful lighting. Nicely done.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on January 16, 2007 
Posted by Jared Forcier on January 16, 2007 
Amazing, eye-catching photo! Like others above I think you should send this photo to Amtrak. Fantastic job!
Posted by Mike Bjork on January 16, 2007 
Greg, my jaw has just dropped through the floor! Spectacular, creepy, cool, and it looks like the trees are taken with infrared film. Great composition and colors. That rime really made for some great pics, and an F59PHI + Amtrak Cascades da boot, I give this a perfect 10! My PC vote if not PoTW!!!
Posted by Jarrett Mullen on January 16, 2007 
PCA voted! Very nice contrast.
Posted by Tired Old Hobo on January 17, 2007 
You also have my vote for PCA. FANTASTIC Photo..... Keep up the great work!!
Posted by Christine Sweetnam on January 17, 2007 
Absolutely stunning, one of the best winter shots I have seen in recent times.
Posted by on January 19, 2007 
The icy landscape is absolutely incredible! Amazing shot, my PCA!!!
Posted by Dean Kaplan on January 22, 2007 
OK that is an awesome shot Gregory!!!! POTW!!!!
Posted by L&NCSXNSSouthern on January 22, 2007 
I Don't Have snow in kentucky
Posted by il dottore on January 22, 2007 
I love the steam but it is impossible no vote this photo and say you: Congratulation for this beautiful picture !!! However say Thanks to your lucky star to be in the right place and at the right time. Ciao from Italy.
Posted by Adam Weddle on January 22, 2007 
Hands down one of the greatest photos that I've seen! Keep it up!
Posted by Jeff Mazurek on January 22, 2007 
Just simply gorgeous. Very Nice Work!
Posted by Ross Fotheringham on January 22, 2007 
Way to go Greg! That's quite the winter wonderland!
Posted by Alan Challis on January 22, 2007 
Very nice picture! Never seen one like that.
Posted by Mike Bjork on January 23, 2007 
Congrats on POTW. A deserving picture indeed.
Posted by Andrew Robb on January 23, 2007 
great photo, the talgo train almost looks like camoflauge in that snow and trees
Posted by Ross Fotheringham on January 23, 2007 
POTW!! Once again - Great job, and congrads.
Posted by on January 23, 2007 
Very nice!
Posted by jim austin on January 23, 2007 
Congrats on POTW, This is the most awesome winter photo on the net!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by BNSF SAMMY on January 23, 2007 
This shot is definately a good choice for POTW. Congrats and great shot!
Posted by Dave Kerr on January 23, 2007 
Simply outstanding!
Posted by Ryan M. Martin on January 23, 2007 
hey-hey Gregory, as predicted by a few of us, congrats on POTW! Nonetheless a week late but still spectacular for sure! Well deserved and a perfect fit for this time of Winter, stay warm up there...
Posted by Mike Bjork on January 23, 2007 
Damn thats such a good picture, I just cant stop looking at it.
Posted by Steve Carter on January 24, 2007 
Never hurts to get one more compliment. Great Shot!!!
Posted by Kurt Clark on January 24, 2007 
Yeah baby...finally a good one out of the Evergreeen State. Nice work!
Posted by TOYOTA on January 25, 2007 
As of this comment this photo has the most of any on railpictures. Three above the second place Union Pacific 1996. I really like that Northwest paint scheme and would love to see it on a P42DC, F40PHR, or some hood unit.
Posted by R. Franz on January 25, 2007 
Good job! One of the best of the best.
Posted by Nick Hart on January 25, 2007 
Gregory, this is an outstanding photo! Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Congratulations on your POTW and PC honors. This photo very well deserves it. Nick Hart
Posted by Pat Collins on January 25, 2007 
All I can say is WOW, This photo just takes my breath away. Congrats on POTW.
Posted by Deborah Austin on January 25, 2007 
You just have got to send this photo to Amtrak. Its just so awesome.
Posted by Valter Jacinto on January 27, 2007 
What a Wonderful shot you've taken! ----------------------------------- Greetings from Algarve, Portugal
Posted by CP SWAMI on January 28, 2007 
Amazing shot!
Posted by Andrew Kim on January 29, 2007 
That is a fantastic Picture. I love living in Washington state. Right amount of lighting. I would love to add this to my wallpaper.
Posted by Tom Michele on January 30, 2007 
Wonderful, beautiful, great, superb and another dozen similar synonyms. Amtrak owes you a fortune.
Posted by J. Cataquet on January 30, 2007 
I know what my new desktop backround is! nice colors, lighting and train.
Posted by Jim Wayne on January 30, 2007 
I can't say anything that has not been said already. Great photo.
Posted by The Incredible D on February 4, 2007 
Simply amazing photo...
Posted by CPC 56 on February 8, 2007 
Wow what a great shot. Just can't say any more than what has already been said. great photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Leo Altizio on February 11, 2007 
AWESOME, now I'm chilly.
Posted by David Wheeler on February 16, 2007 
Posted by ToledoTerminalRy on April 15, 2007 
Thats Awesome!!! Keep up the good work!
Posted by Leia on November 4, 2007 
Posted by Travis Dewitz on July 27, 2008 
Great Shot!!
Posted by Charles Bonville on November 28, 2009 
Great shot! Given the usual cold weather (non-)performance of Cascades F59's and Cab Cars... I think you were quite lucky to get a perfectly normal Cascades train set for your shot.
Posted by Sanky on October 12, 2010 
The train really matches the scenery with all of the snow.
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