Posted by Charles H. on January 25, 2007 
Nice shots Rod. Whats going to be done with the rest of the unit once the engine is removed? Could it be used to make Green Goats?
Posted by Mitch Goldman on January 25, 2007 
Great photo - provides a nice insight to the remanufacturing process, as well as what makes (made) the F40 tick. Thanks for sharing. Nicely captured as well.
Posted by Tom P. on January 26, 2007 
What is the Poland Project? I'm guessing that something will be going there.
Posted by Rod Bushway on January 26, 2007 
For those wanting to know what I mean when I mention the Poland Project, it is where Rail World parent company of MMA purchases old Amtrak F40 units and has the MMA Derby Shops remove the motors and rebuild them to be shipped to Poland to be put in Polish units.
Posted by towny72 on January 28, 2007 
Met a man from MMA, a while back at a FRA event. Said the big problem with Poland and Estonia is its all old eastern block locos, and parts are made like most stuff from the time period with no attention to detail. Alot of internals where never polished, and have ruff edges that really make the life rough for the prime mover. And now a days parts are hard to come by. So they purchased a ton of the F40's and sent the primes over, as well as changing wheels. From what I hear its working very well, and they have some of the best locos in Poland and Estonia now. Other then the brand new GEs that are popping up.
Posted by Marcin W on December 12, 2007 
Some more details: The company which purchased F40's internals is called 'Rail Polska'. Engines and other stuff (from what I've heard cab equipment and several other things) are put in old soviet M62 (polish designation ST44), after refit they're designed as EM62. Here you can see one of them (one to the right - EM62-002)
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