Posted by on February 4, 2007 
Quite an interesting photo Joe..creative!!!
Posted by Ken Kuehne on February 4, 2007 
Haha, very nice!
Posted by Dean Kaplan on February 4, 2007 
Very creative shot Joe!!
Posted by Mike Bjork on February 4, 2007 
Clever shot! But this begs the question, do you normally carry around the MSTS manual?
Posted by John Fladung on February 4, 2007 
I was able to catch this unit in Central MN last August with a friend. Check out a video of it here:
Posted by Stuart Ranier on February 4, 2007 
Best game ever invented.
Posted by Ken Huard on February 5, 2007 
That's funny, talk about the right place amd time!
Posted by Noah Hofrichter on February 5, 2007 
Very neat shot Joe! And if you look at the front of the nose of the real locomotive it has a Microsoft Train Simulator sticker! Noah
Posted by Nathan Trump on February 5, 2007 
Right place at the right time? Good shot, Joe. But something that would make it even freakier, if CSXT 7714 was trailing behind of the BNSF locomotive on the MSTS game cover.
Posted by Scott Locker on February 5, 2007 
Talk about Deja Vu
Posted by Joseph LeMay on February 5, 2007 
Thanks for all the comments. I knew the 4723 would be coming so I decided to grab my CD case for the photo. Since it was so cold, I stayed in the car and slid it in the crack between the door and window to hold it up for the photo.
Posted by Dan K on February 5, 2007 
haha Nice shot!
Posted by George W. Hamlin on February 5, 2007 
Great idea; well-executed!
Posted by Christian S. on February 8, 2007 
Great Timing =)
Posted by Tom Michele on February 9, 2007 
Classic Cute! Great connection! Then well done for a very simple composition!
Posted by Alan Challis on February 10, 2007 
Very clever picture!
Posted by My train on April 18, 2007 
That's my train from the game Joe!
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