Posted by BR549 on February 9, 2007 
LOL! Glad to hear yall have an effective crossing guard recruiting program out your way Chris!
Posted by Christine Sweetnam on February 9, 2007 
If RP had an award for the best remark for a photograph you would win hands down with this one Chris.
Posted by Tom Foolery on February 10, 2007 
Ha! Great composition...and he's responsible for the safety of your kids!
Posted by Tom Jancoski on February 10, 2007 
I wave at trains. What does that make me?
Posted by on February 10, 2007 
Your composition is great with the obvious excitment conveyed through the "nut case" with his feet elevated off the ground and vigarously waving at the passing train. But overall, the negative comment about the crossing guard kind of takes part of the photo away.
Posted by Chris Lastovich on February 11, 2007 
No negativity was meant toward the average railfan... I just shot this angle because every single time I'm out here, she goes crazy waving at trains, buses, garbage trucks... everything... she screams at passer by's and is just really nutty and not all there... I guess the caption is meant more so for us local guys who live in the area and frequent the area enough to run into her...
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