Posted by Sam Davey on February 9, 2007 
Wow!!! How long has this line been our of service?
Posted by Adam Weddle on February 9, 2007 
Nice shot!
Posted by Martin McGuire on February 9, 2007 
Looks like they have some "Buck track" aka Wide Gauge.
Posted by Steve from Des Moines on February 9, 2007 
How does rail become bent like that? I see warped rail in a lot of pics but not as bad as this.
Posted by rrspike22 on February 10, 2007 
That is what you call "Thermal Misalignment" or sun kink.. when metel gets to hot it expands, and with rail it doesn't have anyplace to go but outwards..
Posted by Nick ODell on February 10, 2007 
Extreme Heat. ;)
Posted by on February 10, 2007 
It appears there was a brush fire with all the black on the ground surrounding the area, the extreme heat coud have caused the rail to " Heat Kink ". Just a thought.....
Posted by Trevor Harris on February 10, 2007 
I would like to thank you all for viewing this image of our past rail history and your comments, I hope this answers any of your questions. This narrow guage railway was completed by a privately owned Company "Silverton Tramway Company" because the New South Wales government would not allow narrow guage, which was required to connect the Silverton Mine to South Australia, this was completed on 12th January 1888 and the last train to travel this line was on 10th January 1970. I believe this line has not been used in over 30years and and the distorted line is possibly due to the 40+ temperatures in this remote outback area.
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